Anal fissure or Fissure-in-Ano is a crack or injury on the soft and delicate lining of the anal canal. It is generally the result of passing a hard stool. These can appear at any age and are commonly seen in both the sex. Fissures as classified as
  1. Acute – early, less than a month +/- 15 days
  2. Chronic – long-standing, more than 2 months duration. Mostly have a skin covering like piles
We provide Acute Fissures Treatment in Surat without surgery, through Ayurveda & natural techniques. Most chronic fissures need some kind of surgical intervention and you can be assured of successful chronic fissure treatment in Surat at Kalp Hospital.

We at Kalp Hospital, provide the Best Fissure Treatment in Surat without surgery, with Ayurveda & natural techniques. In general, chronic fissures has the need for surgical intervention and you can be assured with the best results, at our Surat center.
Acute Fissure
Chronic Fissure


Fissure Treatment doctors say that there are many things that cause Fissures. Some of the most common causes of Fissure include:


Fissures Treatment

Most fissures can be treated conservatively, at least the acute ones. But chronic fissures will require surgical treatment in the form of operation. Fissures treatment options include:

Dilatation. It is the forceful opening of the anal canal under spasm, which is done under anesthesia. This leads to loss of bowel control in most cases, due to damage to the anal sphincter/valves. Hence it is largely abandoned or done by people not abreast with the newer methods.

Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy. It is associated with the same principle i.e, releasing the anal spasm but with a small muscle incised. It needs to be carried out by Fissures Treatment Experts only, as the degree of incised muscle directly correlates with bowel control.

Advanced Treatments. Many advanced treatments are painless and harmonious. In most cases, the patient will be discharged in a day. Here, the chronic fissure that fails to respond to the conservative treatment is dealt with Laser Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (Laser-LIS) which is highly effective and the least invasive.

At Kalp Hospital, We have the best fissure doctors available to provide the Best Fissures Treatment in Surat, to enable the patient with full control over their bowel movements after our treatment. It is very important to make sure that, Laser Fissure Treatment should be carried out by an Expert Colorectal Surgeon only and that the doctor is qualified, before committing to the treatment.